A.SSET, Model & Artist agency based in Seoul, South Korea and founded by Anna Heo. She says "Human is a core value and it will be an asset for the A.SSET eventually".

A.SSET is a network service platform link from client to talent, from talent to client. The symbol of brand identity is inspired by '@' at sign and it symbolizes the main role of the agency that connects both assets (talent and client) to each other.

We embody a new type of agency, one devoted to building powerful personal brands out of the talent, passions, and ideas that make each of our clients truly extraordinary and unique. We are committed to using our distinctive platform to empower our clients in fashion and further amplify their voices to make an impact in the world.

Today, A.SSET holds a vision of change with an approach that's dedicated to growing groundbreaking careers as a community with the world's most talented, inspiring, and diverse people.


We are a.sset.